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Shift Monitor Overview

DataNow's powerful but simple to use shift monitor is perfect for collecting all performance based information from a production shift. Automated capture and operator inputs come together seamlessly.

With a uniform interface and data entry, multi-site operations can collect information in a consistent way, allowing easy comparisons of performance.

DataNow's shift monitor has powerful custom scripting capabilities so that complex lines can be modelled.

Shift Monitor Features - click to expand

Once DataNow is connected to your machine or process; all information is logged 24/7. No more manual data collection and log sheets.
Every time a machine or process stops producing output (downtime), its availability and effectiveness drop. At the heart of Shift Monitor is automatic detection of each and every downtime event.
Shift Monitor tracks production totals and speed against targets specific to the product being made. Shift Monitor reports total production, actual speed, target speed and percentage of maximum speed.
DataNow can calculate any industry standard (e.g. OEE) or custom KPI. This ensures that you directly measure and communicate the key drivers in your business.
Machines and processes stop for all sorts of reasons. Lack of materials, breakdowns, staff breaks and so on. Shift Monitor allows users to assign reason codes for each stop. This allows for simple but powerful analysis of why stoppages are occurring.
Shift Monitor's powerful reports can be run at any time. Alternatively, set them up to email out as PDF or Excel files to your users. Shift, Weekly, Monthly and Raw Data Reports available.
Shift Monitor's user interface is easy to use. An Outlook or Google Calendar style interface with point and click coding means any of your staff can use the system.
As well as assigning reasons for downtime you can also assign 'keywords'. This creates another powerful way to analyse the causes of downtime. The keywords could be components, parts, plant areas, root cause codes or anything else.
Each factory operates different staff shifts. Load your shift pattern into Shift Monitor and track all data against those shifts. Instantly see differences between shifts in downtime and speed.
Take the visibility of your machines performance to the next level with our mobile App for any iOS or Android device. Swipe through your systems to see their key performance figures in real time.
Shift Monitor can automatically merge 'very short' events or autocode 'short' events. This allows you to track performance accurately without laborious manual coding.
Sometimes automatically collected data has to be adjusted. It may be because a sensor measuring output has failed, or you are running non production trials or calibrations. Manual override allows 'manager level' users to make adjustments to maintain a true production record.