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Analytical Research Labratory

Analytic Research Laboratories (ARL)

ARL is New Zealand’s leading soil, plant, animal feed, water and fertiliser analytical laboratory. Everything undertaken at ARL is done with great precision and under stringent quality control (ARL is an IANZ accredited laboratory). After evaluating several options for temperature and humidity monitoring, a DataNow system was chosen. After several months of use they’re now looking to bring even more monitoring onto the platform.

The Business Need

In order to analyse soil, plant, animal feed and water samples, everything must be carefully monitored and controlled. The laboratory has a large number of ovens, refrigerators and specialist chambers for conditioning samples and storing chemicals. Set-point temperatures and humidity levels must be vigilantly maintained and audited. ARL had been using a mixture of manual readings and electronic loggers. But the system was time-consuming to operate, error prone and did not give as much detail as they wanted. ARL therefore decided to investigate a fully electronic monitoring system.

The Approach

ARL had been investigating a number of electronic probes and logging devices. “While these would have done the job, DataNow approach the problem from a different angle and proposed a complete solution for our situation” explains Rebecca Withnall, Manager at ARL. “When we compared the total cost of buying, setting up and maintaining a system with the fixed monthly cost of DataNow, we realised that DataNow not only had better features, but would also cost us less."

The Results

Android and iPhone App
  • Continuous logging of 20 datapoints.
  • Eleven staff viewing and interacting with data
  • 15 minutes per day saved
  • Use of iPhone/Android Dashboard application.
  • IANZ audits have been greatly simplified.
  • Monthly analysis report provides executive overview.

Finally, as an unexpected bonus, DataNow’s cloud technology has enabled ARL to use data from a partner companies nearby weather station. “We were interested in having detailed weather data” explains Rebecca. “DataNow told us about the possibility of sharing weather data from a high quality unit 500 meters up the road, and the owners of the weather station agreed. That one suggestion has saved us several thousand dollars.”

ARL are now looking to add energy usage and oxygen monitoring onto the system.