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DataNow supplies all data logging and telemetry equipment.

If there is a specific sensor or interface required by your machine or process, then we can help identify what's needed. Either you or DataNow can then purchase and install that item.
Yes, most likely it can.

We've been connecting to machines and processes for 10 years and have built up a comprehensive range of options and know-how.

DataNow equipment is easy to install. We pre-configure and label any hardware before sending it to site. Our preference is to work with electricians who you already use and who are familiar with the site.
Yes! It doesn't matter whether equipment is in one location or across a large area. It could even be spread out across the country.

DataNow is an excellent way to compare the performance of different machines in different locations
Contact us for a copy of our terms of service.
Any length of time (within reason). You may need it for one day, one year or permanently. Because we supply hardware from a large pool, DataNow is an excellent way to carry out a short investigations.
Yes! Since software is delivered over the internet, and because DataNow maintains a pool of hardware, trials can be quickly and easily set up.

In fact, we recommend that you include a trial of our system as a key part of deciding whether to sign up for a full subscription. Some installation and site work charges may apply.
Generally, nothing.
Just a web browser, for example Chrome, Internet Explorer (9+), Firefox or Safari. There is no special software or plugins to install and maintain.
Depending on your location, DataNow uses either cellular, satellite, rural broadband or a shared network. DataNow will store and automatically foward any data when connection is unavailable.
No, DataNow has been specifically designed to work as a complete solution that is accessed over the internet. Our goal is to make measurement as easy and hassle free as possible. This is best achieved by us providing the service and you using it